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Just wanted everyone to be aware of the ID issues now circulating in our local area. Listed below are two recent articles for your review. Emphasizing it’s more important than ever to really check out all identification of our applicants as the fraudulent driver licenses even work when scanned, for example in a grocery store for identification to purchase alcohol, not sure but it may (and probably will) also work in when we scan the D/L (Id) in ATMS2 for our fingerprints as well; since this just scans the identification information. Something to investigate as we continue to do our due diligence….

FHP uses facial recognition technology to fight ID fraud | WFTV…to…id-fraud/495196237
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Feb 17, 2017 – DOWNLOAD: Free WFTV News & Weather Apps. … sex offender, provided real documents from someone in Puerto Rico to get a new ID.

9 Investigates realistic fake IDs sold online | WFTV…/633850058
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2 days ago – University of Central Florida police Lt. James Mangan said he … Read: Police: Rockledge man accused of running fake ID business for illegal …

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